Travel the Sheltowee Trace, a 269-mile multiple-use national recreation trail that traverses the length of the Daniel Boone National Forest. It passes through many of the state parks and wildlife management areas contained within or near the Daniel Boone National Forest. The trail is named in honor of Daniel Boone. Sheltowee (meaning Big Turtle) was the name given Boone when he was adopted into the Shawnee tribe as the son of the great warrior chief Blackfish. Boone made several explorations through the area that is now the Daniel Boone National Forest, in search of a route from Virginia to Kentucky. Today many of the creeks, streams and landmarks bear the names given to them by "Sheltowee."
Portions of the Sheltowee Trace meanders along high, narrow ridges and cliffs, and into deep gorges along small, clear streams and whitewater rivers. As a visitor to the Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail, feel free to explore and discover the natural attractions along the trail. Because of the mixed land ownership, the trail travels along roads as well as in the woods. It touches significant historic trails like the Wilderness Road and Warrior's Path, often following them for a short distance. Contact the Daniel Boone National Forest for more details.

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