K1 – E.P. Tom Sawyer

Take Hwy 60 from Downtown Louisville. Before getting to Hwy 265 turn right ontoWestport Rd. and left on Freys Hill Road. Approximately 2 miles from Gene Snyder Freeway in Louisville. (502) 426-8950.

369-acre oasis on the rolling hills outskirting the Louisville metropolitan area.

Habitat and Trail Info: Picnicking, fitness and nature trails, playing fields and acitivity center. 1.25 mile Goose Creek Nature Trail - leisurely stroll through open meadows and young woodlands . Wheelchair accessible with assistance.

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities:
Great habitat for songbirds: grasshopper sparrow, red-winged blackbird, eastern kingbird, gray catbird, prairie warbler and brown thrasher. Mammals: deer, fox, raccoons, skunks, opossums and coyote.
K2 – Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve

Freys Hill Rd/Westport Rd take I-265 to I-64 then exit 19. Take I-264 to Newburg Rd., Exit 15.

41-acre second growth woodland located close to Zoological Gardens and Joe Creason Park.

Habitat and Trail Info: 1 mile of trails & boardwalk. Contains more than 180 species of trees, shrubs and flowering plants. Plant diversity is rich for so small an area. Wooded uplands (black cherry, locust, walnut, beech) and floodplain woods (sycamore, ash, maple).

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities: 150 species of birds, well known for the diversity of warblers (migration): orange-crowned, cerulean and yellow breasted shat. Songbirds include: olive-sided flycatcher and eastern wood peewee. Also found is great horned and screech owls and Kirkland's water snake. Great blue heron, great egret, crowned and yellow-crowned night heron, Canada goose, black & wood duck, flycatchers and 6 species of woodpeckers. Killdeer, lesser golden plover, lesser yellowlegs, spotted sandpiper, common snipe and woodcock.
K3 – Jefferson Co. Memorial Forest

Take Newburg South to I-264 W at Exit 15. Take I-264 West to I-65 South at exit 12 C/D. Take I-65 S exit 125. Take 841 to exit 6 then left on New Cut Road. Right on Mitchell Hill at Fairdale. (502) 366-5432.

Habitat and Trail Info:
5123 acres. 19 miles of hiking trails, 1700-ft Tulip tree trail, horse trails, fishing pier, picnic areas and playgrounds

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities:
Bobwhite, wild turkey, white tailed deer, bobcat, coyote, woodchuck, beaver, muskrat, mink, mallards, wood ducks, Canada geese, great blue heron, green heron, American kestrel, red-shouldered hawk, red-tailed hawk. Songbirds: Acadian and great crested flycatchers, red-eyed, yellow throated & white eyed vireos, scarlet tanagers, warblers, ovenbird, parula, wood thrush.

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