Starting Point: This trail allows you to visit all 8 units of Peabody Wildlife Management Area located in Mulhenburg and Ohio Counties.

This 63,000 acre area includes moist soil units, tall and short grass native prairie, upland and bottomland hardwoods, hundreds of shallow water areas, and other reclamation sites.

E1 – Ken Hopewell Homestead

Travel north on Hwy. 231 on exit 75 of the West Kentucky Parkway to Beaver Dam. Take a left on to Hwy. 369 and proceed south.

Habitat and trail info: 3000 acres of prairie and cool season grasses, large lakes, waterfowl refuge, all reclaimed from surface coal mining.

Wildlife viewing opportunities: Bird watchers will be busy in this area. Viewers will see Short-Eared Owl, Northern Harriers, Bald Eagles, Canada Geese, Dickcissel, Henslow's Sparrow, Henslow’s Sparrow, Grasshopper Sparrow, Loggerhead Shrikes, and Common Moorhen.

Best place to look for birds: Cool Springs Wysox Road overlooks Island Lake, and a 125 acre bottom land containing hardwoods and wetlands below south lake.
E2 – Sinclair

Travel south on Hwy. 369 to ferry (weather and river stage dependent) then take a right on to Hwy 70 west.

Habitat and trail info: Mix of grasslands with constructed moist soil units and ephemeral wetlands.

Wildlife viewing opportunities: Osprey, Kestrels, Belted Kingfisher, Acadian Flycatcher. Deer, Turkey, Red and Grey Squirrel, Fox, Raccoon, and opossum,

Best place to look for birds: Goose Lake Road in the waterfowl refuge and Riverside Church Road, and Rockport Paradise Road.

Side Trip: TVA Fossil Fuel Plant, and Old Lock and dam in Rochester.
E3 – Vogue / River Queen

Travel west on Hwy. 70 to Drakesboro, take a left on Hwy. 176 to Greenville, then get on Hwy. 62 west. Take a right on Hwy. 175 north.

Habitat and Trail Info: Consists of rough terrain from swampland to high ridges and deep pits. It is primarily reclaimed coal-mined land with numerous excavated ridges and water-filled strip mine pits (should be wary).

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities: Kestrels, Canada geese, bald eagles, Common Moorhen, white-tailed deer, turkey, red and gray squirrel, cotton-tailed rabbit, raccoon, opossum and red fox are common to this area.
E4 – Gibraltar / Midway

Travel north on Hwy 175 then left on Hwy 70 to Central City. Go East on Hwy 62.

Habitat and Trail Info: many lakes and upland hardwoods.

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities: red-shouldered hawk, wild turkey, morning dove, great horned owl, wren, summer tanagers, vireos, deer, red and gray squirrel, rabbit, raccoon and red fox.

Best place to look for birds: Riverview and Midway Road

Side Trips: Everly Brothers Park and Festival

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