Starting Point: Lake Cumberland State Park in Jamestown, KY. *Lodging, dining, and gas opportunities in two nearby cities; Jamestown & Russell Springs.
N1 - Lake Cumberland State Resort Park
(270) 343-3111. Lake Cumberland State Resort Park is one of the finest fishing and pleasure boating areas in the Eastern United States. It is also the largest 'man-made' lake east of the Mississippi River. With 50,250 acres, Lake Cumberland has an abundance of largemouth, smallmouth, white and Kentucky bass, bluegill, crappie, rockfish, and walleye.

Habitat and trail info: Enjoy the beauty of the beech, oak and hickory forests and scenic lake overlooks on two park hiking trails. A four-mile loop trail around the Lure Lodge area, and a 1.5-mile trail (one-way, 3 miles total distance including return) with a lake overlook near the park entrance (parking available).
Wildlife Viewing Opportunities: Along the trails you may see wild turkey, raccoons, foxes, otters, and squirrels. The resort is also a haven for large deer herds and raccoon populations. Interpretive programs on native plants, animals, and local history are conducted at various times throughout the year by a full-time naturalist. Waterfowl such as ducks, geese, loons, herons and raptors can be seen as well as many other birds.
SIDE TRIPS: Wolf Creek Dam and Fish Hatchery
From the Lake Cumberland SRP entrance turn left (south) on Hwy. 127. Wolf Creek Dam is approximately 3 miles.

The construction of the Wolf Creek Dam was approved in 1938. It is one of the many units for the comprehensive flood control reservoir system on the Cumberland, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. The Dam was constructed across the Cumberland River in Russell County. The primary responsibility of the Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery is to raise rainbow trout. This station annually produces approximately 1,000,000 trout weighing 230,000 pounds. In cooperation with State fish and wildlife agencies, fish are stocked in public waters in the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia.

The majority of the fish are stocked into waters controlled by the federal government.

The "Rock House", a natural Bridge Arch of solid limestone (differing from the more common sandstone bridges) rock, 300 million years old, was carved by nature into an arch in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. The site is the largest natural bridge or natural tunnel in the Highland Rim Section of the Low Plateaus Natural Region.
This huge, natural rock formation has a roof that is at least 60 feet high, and about 120 feet wide. The West opening is approximately 100 feet across. The "Rock House" or "Creelsboro Natural Bridge" was designated as a national natural landmark by the National Park Service in 1987. Tourists find Rock House a breathtaking natural wonder.

Wildlife viewing opportunities: include a variety of animals such as deer, fox, squirrel, bobcat, raccoon and much more. Information and directions concerning the Rock House can be obtained in the Nature Center at the Lake Cumberland SRP.

(270) 433-7431. From Lake Cumberland SRP take Hwy 127 South (14 miles). Turn right on KY 90, go about 7 miles and turn left on KY 449. Go 4.5 miles and turn left on KY 1206, which becomes Dale Hollow Lake State Park Road. *Lodging, dining, and gas opportunities in nearby Albany or Burkesville.

Dale Hollow SRP over looks beautiful Dale Hollow Lake, a 28,000-acre lake, and is at the edge of 3,400 acres of unspoiled wilderness. The parkland takes the shape of a peninsula jutting into Dale Hollow Lake. Many hollows and creeks fringe the peninsula. Its 3,398 acres are covered by deciduous forest, holding hardwood species like oak and hickory.

Habitat and trail info: (270) 433-7431. Offers 15 miles of trails. These are designated as multi-purpose trails, open for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking unless otherwise posted. The trails generally follow old logging roads along narrow ridge tops through the park. Most of the trails end at the tips of ridges that form peninsulas into Dale Hollow Lake, requiring a return trip on the same trail.

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities: Dale Hollow's nearly 28,000 acres is a famous stopover for migratory birds. Fish seem to like it to. The world record smallmouth bass was caught here. In the protected forestlands of Dale Hollow Lake Resort Park, wildlife becomes accustomed to people and the roadsides fill with deer. On the trails, see wild turkey, raccoons, foxes, otters, squirrels, and migrating waterfowl and in winter, even bald eagles! The wildlife at dawn and dusk is beautiful, lots of deer, squirrel, and raccoon can be viewed all over the park.

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