Starting Point: Starts and stops in Hazard KY. Gas, lodging, and dining opportunities available there. From Hazard, take Hwy 15 to Hwy 28 West and the South on Hwy 1833.
R1 – Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park

Distance: 45.8 miles. Lodging and dining at Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park. Gas, lodging, and dining opportunities also available in Buckhorn, KY.

Habitat and trail info:
There are two old roads, which follow the lakeshore, but primary access is by boat. The terrain is mountainous and is primarily forested with some open land in bottoms.

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities: Winter Getaway. Bird Walks, nature hikes, and a variety of games give you a chance to get away from it all. Elk Watch. Participate in elk related activities. Tour the Buckhorn area to see the elk during their rutting season. The park is near Red Bird Wildlife Management Area. Squirrel, grouse, woodcock, quail, rabbit, deer, and furbearers can be found here as well.
R2 – Redbird Wildlife Management Area

From Buckhorn Lake SRP, go back out Hwy 1833 and turn left onto Hwy 28 and then left on Hwy 1482. Cross over the Daniel Boone Parkway and head east on Hwy 421. Gas, lodging, and dining opportunities available in nearby Hyden or Manchester.

Habitat and trail info: The terrain of this 24,000-acre area is often steep with gentle slopes in the lower elevation. It is mostly forested, but nearly 200 acres are maintained as wildlife openings. There are no developed facilities within the WMA. The Redbird Crest Trail, a 65-mile loop, winds through this area and offers scenic views and rugged terrain. The trail is multiple-use, so expect to encounter hikers, horseback riders, and all-terrain vehicles.

For camping information, contact the Redbird Ranger District at 606-598-2192. Redbird WMA is located 7 miles west of Hyden and lies within the Daniel Boone National Forest.

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities: Deer, turkey, squirrel, raccoon, and grouse can be found here. Migrant and nesting warblers are abundant, along with many other songbirds.
R3 – Robinson Forest

Take Hwy 15 North to Hwy 476 at Haddix Lost Creek. Turn right onto Hwy 476, then right on Hwy 80 back to Hazard.

If you have a little time, a nice side trip is Robinson Forest which is managed for research, teaching and Extension education by the University of Kentucky Department of Forestry. One of the largest research and educational forests in the eastern United States, Robinson Forest is a collection of seven tracts totaling 14,800 acres, and is located on the Cumberland Plateau in southeastern Kentucky.

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities:
One of several release sites for the reintroduction of elk into Kentucky. Black bear, deer, turkey, grouse, and numerous songbirds and other forest species can be found here.

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