U1 – Prestonsburg

This "Happy Hunting Ground" offers a wealth of fish, fowl, and game in such abundance to the Native Americans who originally roamed this region that not a single tribe made permanent settlements in this area of Eastern Kentucky in order that all could reap the unfettered harvest of the land and it's unusual riches without upsetting the delicate balance and order of nature at it's finest.

U2 – Fishtrap Lake Wildlife Management Area (WMA)

Fishtrap Lake WMA is located S of Pikeville on US 460. Take KY 1789 to the dam area, then KY 1499 to the upper end of the lake. The area can also be accessed by boat. Distance: 25 miles. Gas, lodging, and dining opportunities available in nearby Prestonsburg.

Habitat and trail info: This area consists of very steep, rough terrain with narrow ridges and valleys that are completely forested, primarily in hardwoods.

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities: Deer, turkey, squirrel, rabbit, raccoon, and grouse can be found here. Migrant and nesting warblers in spring and summer.
U3 – Breaks Interstate Park

1-800-982-5122 From Fishtrap Lake WMA start out going South on US-23 BR S/US-460 BR E/HAMBLEY BLVD toward US-23 BR N/US-460 BR W. Turn SLIGHT LEFT to take the US-23 S/US-119 S/US-460 E/KY-80 E ramp toward ELKHORN CITY/JENKINS. Stay straight to go onto US-23/US-460/US-119. Take the US-460/KY-80 ramp. Stay straight to go onto US-460/KY-80. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT. onto KY-80 E/E KY-80. Continue to follow KY-80 E. Turn RIGHT onto VA-80/VA-768. Continue to follow VA-80. Distance: 29.1 miles. Gas, lodging, and dining opportunities available in nearby Pikeville, KY. or Breaks, VA.

The Breaks Interstate Park is one of two interstate parks in America and encompasses 4,500 acres of woodland. The Breaks, home of the deepest gorge east of the Mississippi River, also rises to lofty heights where golden eagles make their home. The Towers and other rock formations, caves, flora and wildlife make the Breaks Park a unique tourist destination.

History, legend and lore combine with the scenic beauty of the Park, which was the reported destination of several trips by Daniel Boone.

A rustic lodge, cottages and a large campground are available for extended visits. The Breaks Park also has a modern conference center, restaurant, gift shop and visitor center. The folks in Eastern Kentucky and Southwest Virginia welcome you to the Breaks Interstate Park! Come explore and enjoy our "Grand Canyon."

Habitat and trail info: Rock towers and other rock formations, caves, deep gorges and steep mountains. The park has about 12 miles of hiking trails, white water rafting-Russell Fork River, mountain biking & horseback riding.

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities:
The flora and wildlife make the park a unique tourist destination. Migrant and nesting warblers in spring and summer. Deer, turkey, and small game are numerous.

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