Strategic Plan for Adventure Tourism
in Knott County

Motorcycle Tour Routes

Encourage motorcyclists to come to Knott County

There are many wonderful windy and scenic roads through the mountains of southeast Kentucky.  Motorcyclists love these types of roads.  To this end, Knott County recently opened a street bike safety training course at Sutton Memorial Park in the northeast quadrant of the county.  They are encouraging people to come to Knott County for motorcycle safety certification.  (See APPENDIX III  for more on the Street Bike Safety Center).  It would be highly recommended that Knott County also develop and market motorcycle routes through their county for people to “test their safety skills they have learned” while enjoying the scenic roads.

A few of the routes include:

  • Taking Hwy 550 through Fisty and Carrie with a recommended stop in Hindman for a tour of the Artisan Center and lunch at the Artisan Café.   Continue east where one may wish to stop for pizza or a full meal at the BP Station in Mousie.   If one is in the mood for a longer ride, continue into Floyd County to German Bridge and spend the night at Jenny Wiley State Park. 
Artisan Center in Hindman
Great food in Mousie
Scenic beauty at German Bridge
A few of the scenic and windy roads a motorcyclist will find along the route.
  • There is also a route that starts at Hindman and travels on Hwy 3391 to Carr Creek Lake offering a number of campground facilities and a swimming area at the state park. The route then circles back to Hindman along curvy roads  including Highways 1088 & 721.
  • A third route creates a loop that includes Alice Lloyd College and the community of Pippa Passes, a great scenic overlook where one often sees elk, and one of the most curvy scenic roads in the entire county along Hwy 7.
  • A fourth loop starts at Hindman and takes one past Yoder’s for some great homemade bread and cookies and along windy twisty roads through the community of Vest and the community of Fisty and Carrie and then back to Hindman. 

All the recommended routes are featured on the map on the following page.   Brochures and a website should now be developed encouraging people to get their training and ride their bikes through Knott County.  


Breathitt County has marketed their county for motorcyclists through the development of the  “Venom Trails” which actually run through five counties.   A map of their trails is featured on and their website is

RECOMMENDATION:   Knott County should become a motorcycle friendly community by adding special signage, providing detailed maps that include locations of gas stations, scenic views, and worthwhile stops and encouraging motorcycle clubs and groups to visit.   

And do not limit the routes to just Knott County.  Partner with other counties to develop multi-county and multi-state rides because motorcyclists love to ride. The consultant met two riders staying at Jenny Wiley State Park who had road their motorcycles all the way from Cincinnati following the back roads. 



In one of the meetings, it was also noted that Combs Custom Cycles and Budweiser have a strong connection.  It was also noted that Knott County has a connection with NASCAR and Petty racing.  It is highly recommended that these connections be further researched. 

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