Strategic Plan for Adventure Tourism
in Knott County

Add a 3 mile pedestrian/bike trail connecting Sutton Memorial Park to
Elk View Drive.

In the northern portion of the county, it is recommended that a 3 mile 5’ to 7’ wide pedestrian/bike trail be constructed connecting the Sutton Memorial Park* to the Elk View Station at Elk View Drive.  Interpretive signs will be added along the route and at the Elk View Station itself.

This particular trail will serve two purposes:  It will provide a trail within the county specifically dedicated for those who enjoy biking and/or walking. 

The trail will follow along the ridge of one of the primary elk viewing areas in the state. 

At one end of the proposed trail is Sutton Memorial Park where the Knott County ATV and Street Bike Safety Training Center is located.  The site also serves as the trailhead for over 100 miles of both ATV and equestrian trails.  On the other end of the trail is Elk View Station where one can stand on one of the highest points in the area to look for elk.

Interpretive signs placed strategically along the entire route will not only provide information on elk but also include maps of the other trails within the area and provide the public with a better understanding of other animals found in the region and the role coal reclamation has played in the development of both the trails and the view shed.
Directly across from Elk View Station is land owned by International Coal Group (ICG).  The Knott Co. Fiscal Court is under negotiations with ICG to obtain a long term lease to use this area for parking. 
The site will include an ADA approved port-a-john and interpretive wayside exhibits about elk and other wildlife, reclaimed coal lands and other trails within the region. This parking area will be used by both motor vehicles and horses as well as those who wish to park and walk/ride. 

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