Strategic Plan for Adventure Tourism
in Knott County
Add a variety of lodging in strategic locations throughout the county.

Lodging was the number one need mentioned in nearly every strategic planning meeting throughout the county. As noted in the overview of recommendations, Chestnut Mountain Development located off Hwy 80 and in close proximity to the Knott County Sportsplex was the most logical location for a hotel (See APPENDIX V for more on Chestnut Mountain). The development of bed & breakfasts, cabins and campgrounds throughout the county was als considered a priority. Depending on where each are located, potential clientel could include families, hunters, bikers, horseback riders, wildlife enthusiasts and boaters. As noted earlier, “all seemed to agree that whatever was built, it should be built well. No one wanted to see shacks or used worn out trailers. Knott Countians desire to become a ‘premier quality location to vacation’.”

Four proposed sites for campgrounds and other lodging include:

  1. A campground near Red Fox Community Park,
  2. Potential campground and additional lodging in existing cabins at Pioneer Village,
  3. A horse camp near Littcarr Recreation Area,
  4. RV Park at Knob Bottom.

Additional campgrounds and possible cabins in the Jones Fork and Burgey’s Creek areas are being considered. The county has also signed an agreement with landowners for ? acre of property near the intersection of Hwy 582 and Hwy 7 near Puncheon and Joe King Branch to develop an ATV Trailhead for the ATV Fire Trail #2 (See Trail Development). Private landowners are considering building cabins and expanded parking area to hold special events.


During the research phase for developing the strategic plan, it was discovered that in 1996, the Knott County Fiscal Court had entered into a long term agreement with the U.S. Corps of Engineers to develop a community park across from Pioneer Village on the south side of Hwy 15 close to the Letcher County/Knott County line. The Red Fox Community Park built in 1997 includes a playground, basketball courts and walking track was built in the late 90’s.
The site also includes an asphalt road along the entire length of the property (Old Hwy 15) which ends at the water’s edge of Carr Creek Lake and the front portion of the property is often used for parking for ATV riders accessing the Red Fox ATV Trail System.
Entrance from Hwy 15 could be used for ATV trailhead
Old Hwy serves as primary road through proposed campsites
Proposed campsite ends at water's edge w/boat access to Carr Creek Lake
Red Fox playground parking located nearby
RECOMMENDATION: Knott County should develop a campground at Red Fox along Old Hwy 15.


Years ago when Carr Creek Lake was made, a few of the existing log structures were moved to a location just east of the intersection of Hwy 160 and Hwy 15. Through the efforts of LKLP, an economic development organization, the land and buildings became part of Pioneer Village, a site for artisans and crafters to sell their work to the public. At its peak, over 70 artisans displayed and sold their artwork at the site. Although very popular with tour groups and visitors, the facility closed in 2005 due to lack of funding. The site has both water and electricity and includes restroom facilities, a covered pavilion, large rock fireplace, plus a small two-stall log stable (not shown) and approximately 100 acres. There
are also two cabins on-site. One cabin offers a fireplace and air conditioning and could become lodging for visitors with very little work required. The second log cabin is a two story structure with two rooms on one side and two on the other separated by a dogtrot that includes a shared restroom on the lower floor. At some future time, kitchen facilities could be added to the lower rooms and turn the upper rooms into sleeping areas or all four rooms could become efficiency apartments for visitors.

Gate entering property
Restroom facilities
Covered picnic area
Stone fireplace
Interior view of a room
Four room log cabin
Dogtrot between structures
Existing one room cabin
Its location just off Hwy 15 within just a few miles of Carr Creek Lake and in close proximity to miles of proposed equestrian trails and just across the road from the Red Fox ATV Trailhead make it an ideal location to develop. It is recommended that the county pursue the option to obtain Pioneer Village and open it up for lodging and to serve as a trailhead and campground for equestrian riders.

ACTION TAKEN: The LKLP organization has agreed to give the County Fiscal Court the
Pioneer Village Property which they intend to develop into lodging for visitors, a campground and trailhead.

The county is now looking into the option of developing a trail system across reclaimed coal
lands in which trails already exist in order to connect this site to the proposed Littcarr Horse

The Knott County Fiscal Court has set funds aside to purchase property at Knob Bottom near the ATV Safety Training Center and Sutton Memorial Park. Once the contract has been signed for the purchase of the property, the county plans to build a RV Park and campground on a portion of the 250 acres. es. (See APPENDIX I for Campground Specifications).
Phase I will include 40 to 50 campsites with full hook-ups, group camping area, a shower house and restroom facility, dump station, and either a grazing area in the center or possibly move the new riding ring to the center of the property. The remainder of the property will be used for primitive camping and an ATV trailhead and trails. Below shows the campground fully developed with 100 individual campsites, 8 group campsites and two shower/restroom facilities.
Concept idea for combined showerhouse & restrooms
There are approximately 20 acres of U.S. Corps of Engineer’s property located next to the Littcarr Campground near Carr Creek Lake which has the potential of being developed into a horse camp. The U.S. Corps has agreed to form a long term lease with the county. They have also agreed to allow campers the use of both showers and restroom facilities at Littcarr rather than having to build these amenities on site. (Restroom facilities and shower house at Littcarr campground are located in close proximity to the proposed site.)
If the horse camp is developed, trails will lead from this site to both Pioneer Village and to the Shingle Branch trails that circle around the northern portion of Carr Creek Lake.

Below is a map showing both the proposed horse camp (strategically located near U.S. Corps of Engineers Littcarr Campground to allow shared use of shower houses and restrooms) and the proposed Shingle Branch trailhead located right off Hwy 160 in the southern quadrant of the county. Both the trailhead and horse camp are in close proximity to miles of equestrian trails on reclaimed coal properties east of the proposed campsite as an additional 6 miles of trails just north of Carr Creek Lake.


One is designed for areas that are more shaded. More information on stables can be found in APPENDIX II.

RECOMMENDATION: Campgrounds and lodging at Pioneer Village, Red Fox and a future
horse camp near Littcarr are all being recommended.

RECOMMENDATION: It is strongly recommended that the private sector be encouraged to
build additional lodging in strategic locations throughout the county. Below are a few examples of cabins. Go to APPENDIX I for additional ideas and concepts.

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