Strategic Plan for Adventure Tourism
in Knott County

APPENDIX III:   Street Bike Training Facility

Below is a proposal submitted in 2007 to the Kentucky Motorcycle Safety Commission requesting funding for the development of a street bike training facility in Knott County.  

In the Fall of 2008, the Knott County Fiscal Court provided the funding and built the 200’ x 300’ asphalt safety course.  The request is now for $95,000 for classroom equipment and marketing.


As part of a multi-phase project, Knott County is developing a county-wide recreational park system made up of a series of trails. One of the primary focuses of the trail initiative in Knott County is to help educate the user on proper use of equipment, safety training, environmental awareness while building an understanding and respect of other users. 

Phase I included the development of the master plan which is attached as an addendum to this proposal.   Phase II, partially funded by Recreational Trails funds, included the development of the OHV Training Facility featured below which also serves as a trailhead for both ATV/Dirt Bike trails and Equestrian trails.  Sixteen miles of beginners, intermediate and expert designated trails specifically for motorized off road vehicle riders have now been GPS mapped and will become part of the overall trail system. 

A local landowner gave the Knott County Fiscal Court 10 acres in which to build the OHV Training Center and trailhead.   In the agreement,  access to the training center was provided along with permission to develop a trail on a portion of their remaining property. 

The OHV Education Center and Training Facility in Knott County opened in Fall 2007. 

It is our hopes, through the assistance of the Kentucky Motorcycle Safety Education Advisory Commission, that we can expand the complex to include a training course for street bikes and use the facility for classrooms for both.

The facility includes a large classroom, caretakers unit and garage for storage and maintenance of ATV’s, dirt bikes as well as street bikes if approved for funding.   Parking, entrances, restroom facilities and showers are all handicapped accessible. 


The Knott County Fiscal Court, in partnership with those within the community and surrounding counties, wish to add a street bike training component at this location on a portion of the ten acres of the land donated for the OHV facility.

A 200 x 300 area within the 10 acre area has been set aside to serve as a training area specifically for street bikes.  If built, it would be available for use by certified street bike trainers 24/7.  A parking lot has already been developed for the OHV Center and could be jointly shared by street bike participants. Additional parking is available within close proximity to the site.


A portion of the funds will be used to:

  • Properly mark roads and create a greater awareness of other traveling motorists that the roads are being used by motorcycles and other street bikes,
  • Develop specific  “trail maps” that designate which roads are best for motorcyclists and street bikes in general,
  • Provide an overview of safety precautions a motorist can take to ensure safe travel. 

The Safety Institute, Honda Training Program, and Motorcycle Rider Program will provide brochures, posters, training manuals, etc.  The local newspaper and radio station have agreed to provide free public service announcements as well as donating copy space and time on the air to create a greater awareness of all motorists encouraging safe travel to ones destination and to be extra cautious due of the street bikes which are not always easily visible. 

Once the trails have been established, maps and brochures will be designed that include both environmental and safety information for both motorists and nonmotorists.


Knott County is centrally located in Eastern Kentucky within easy driving time of 14 other counties.  The County Seat, Hindman, is roughly a two hour drive from Lexington KY, three to four hour drive from Cincinnati, Ohio: Charleston, West Virginia; or Knoxville, Tennessee.

The county is easily accessed via KY 80, which connects to the Hal Rogers Parkway at Hazard and US 23 near Prestonsburg. There is very little commercial development within the county, most of which is centralized within a few miles of the county seat.

The Education Center is located just 2 miles off Highway 80.  The entire county is extremely rural with breathtaking views with limited traffic on many of its mountain roads.


It has been determined it will cost approximately $175,000 to asphalt the area to a 6-3-1 template.  Classroom equipment, furniture etc. as well as signage and marketing totals an additional $95,000.  


Overseeing this initiative is County Judge Executive Randy Thompson.  Assistance and advice has been provided by Chris Cox (Honda Rider Education and Environmental Coordinator – Troy Ohio), Wayne Steele (Executive Director for State Motorcycle Program), Bruce Kelly (Kentucky State Police) and Tim Cody (a state certified instructor in both ATV and street bike training).


As noted, Knott County Fiscal Court has built the 200’ x 300’ asphalt training course.  They are now requesting on the funds for classroom equipment, furniture and marketing. 

Street Bike Training Facility $174,842.00  Paid for by Knott Co. Fiscal Court
200 x 300 Asphalt Pad using a 6-3-1 template                                            

Asphalt Surface: 
6,667 sq yds x 1” x 0.055 ton/sq in x $80.00 ton = $28,335.00

Asphalt Base: 
6,667 sq yds x 3” x 0.055 ton/sq in x $80.00 ton = $88,004.00

Crushed Stone Base:
6,667 sq yds x 6” x .00575 ton/sq I x $25.00 ton = $57,503.00

Office/Classroom Equip. & Furniture                        $45,000.00

Seating for a class of 24 students (6 tables).  

  • 6 Round tables
  • 24 chairs
  • 2 desks
  • Bookcases/display units
  • DVD unit
  • Computer
  • Copy machine/fax machine
  • One long table for displays/board meetings44
  • 0 fold up chairs 

 Signage and Marketing                                        $50,000.00

  • Working with the KY Department of Transportation and following MUTCD Guidelines, add signage along streets and highway that promote safe travel for both those riding motorcycles as well as other motorists on the road.  Please note:   A proposal has been submitted to the Kentucky Recreational Trails Program to also assist in this endeavor.
  • Establish designated street bike routes and develop a marketing plan to promote their use as has been done in Tennessee (see attached article). 
  • Develop a website promoting the street bike training course and street bike routes throughout Knott County.
    • Includes web hosting and maintaining the website for three years. 
    • Submit the website to search engines and establish meta-tags and key words. 
  • Develop a brochure and other marketing tools to promote both the street bike training course, safe practices and the street bike routes. 
  • Work with surrounding county leadership to expand both the street bike routes and safety signage into multiple counties.

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