At the first meeting, a few of the opportunities in establishing SC 46 as a national scenic byway and developing a plan to manage it.
1. Develop parks and pulloffs. Provide picnic areas designed into master plan.
2. Provide interpretive wayside exhibits along the way
3. Slow down the traffic and encourage people to take the route, not as a pass thru to get someplace else, but as a destination in itself.
4. Require beautiful entranceways into these new developments that, one would think the developers would want in order to entice people to purchase property. The lots are selling at a premium. Most of the houses that are being built are not low income homes.

a. The entrance way to these developments should be showplaces in themselves.

5. Bluffton has an opportunity because of all the development to make SC 46 the most scenic National Scenic Byway in the United States.

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