One can not have this much development with a new influx of thousands of new homes as well as businesses and not expect a huge increase in traffic.
How much development is already in the works?

Click here for information on current and approved development along SC 46

There are mechanisms in the works that will encourage the traffic just passing through enroute to Hilton Head to take a different direction

a. slowing down the speed along SC 46
b. adding roundabouts which further slows down traffic.
c. In fact, it is in the plans to move Hwy 170 east .1 miles, make Hwy 170 four lane and develop a roundabout for those coming out of the western side of Palmetto Bluff Riverside and the Jones Tract developments.
d. People have a tendency to take the fastest route. This will no longer be the case.

BUT first there must be another route to send them. Bluffton Parkway must be completed
but it must first be straightened before going to the expense of building it.

But even if Bluffton successful in rerouting the majority of those headed to Hilton Head, THERE WILL BE MORE TRAFFIC NO MATTER WHAT WE DO! The explosive growth in population in the county will, in itself, create more traffic. But taking the trucks and the pass-through traffic off SC 46 will be a tremendous help.

If Bluffton is successful in rerouting pass-through traffic another route, then a plan must be included that will encourage tourists to come SC 46, not as a pass-through but as a destination in itself. And we have ideas and recommendations for that as well.

e. Uniform Signage Plan
f. Visitor Welcome Center at the corner of SC 46 and 170 that lets people know what there is to see and do if they travel the Bluffton National Scenic Byway. Give them a reason to come that direction.
g. Make the drive a pleasure and an experience in itself.
h. Develop marketing materials that are distributed outside of Bluffton that entices people to visit.
i. Website, Brochure, Signage.

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