They must have at least two intrinsic qualities to qualify as a Scenic Byway and at least three to qualify as an All-American Road. Qualities are: archeological (a), cultural (c), historic (h), natural (n), recreational (r) and/or scenic (s) qualities.

Does SC 46 have enough intrinsic qualities to qualify as a National Scenic Byway which requires it include at least two of those listed above and three to be designated an "All-American Road".

SC 46 has all six intrinsic qualities as listed below:
  • Scenic Vistas
  • Scenic Beauty
  • Large Trees, Canopies
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  • Walking Trails such as 3 mile Rails to Trails walking trail from the New River north along the Jones estate which connects to 170 near the Bluffton Parkway.
  • Historic Downtown Walking Tour
  • Parks and Picnic areas
    a. Establishing a park on the south side of the Jones Tract.
    b. Linear Park near Buckwalter
    c. Three parks within the "Village of Bluffton" with a new park being developed by the Oyster Plant.
  • Fishing on the Pier and Public Boat Dock
  • Boating on the New River
  • Bicycle Route
    a. The entire SC 46 Corridor from Hwy 170 to the downtown area has been designated a bicycle route with a 3 to 4 foot paved shoulder on both sides of the road used by both pedestrians and bicyclists.
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Historic (Heyword House Museum photo)
    • Historic Homes and Churches within the Village
    • History Museum within a home built prior to the Civil War
    • There are many other treasures along SC 46 including:
      a. The old cannery building, the old post office and a number of historic homes actually visible when driving down SC 46
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  • Environmental includes:
    a. Marshland
    b. Lagoon
    c. River Access
    d. Bay/Estuary
    e. Lakes/Ponds
    f. Streams/Rivers
    g. Forested Wetlands
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  • Artisans and Crafters
  • Artists Guild
  • Theater
  • Other
    a. Praise House, churches and more…
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  • Other thirty significant sites within 100 ft of SC 46 with over 120 sites documented within 200 ft.
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  • Architectural Significance especially within the "Village"
  • Tourism offerings
    a. Welcome Center
    b. Restaurants
    c. Lodging
    d. Shopping

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