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 West Point, KY
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West Point, located on the Ohio River near the mouth of the Salt River, was an important Union supply depot in the early part of the Civil War. Union General William Tecumsah Sherman ordered his troops to protect this strategic riverport.   Construction of Fort Duffield began on the heights above the town in November of 1861.

Fort Duffield

The fort was one of the earliest constructed and one of the most unique built in Kentucky. It was not the characteristic star or homeplate-shaped fort; in fact, the fort was not even enclosed. It resembled a horseshoe open on the north side.  It is one of the most intact Civil War earthen fortifications in Kentucky. The earthen fortifications can still be viewed. A self-guided walking tour brochure is available at the site. The City of West Point's Fort Duffield Heritage Committee and Friends of Fort Duffield support group is responsible for the restoration and preservation of the site.

On an adjacent hill, visit the cemetery where more than 40 Union soldiers who died while serving at Fort Duffield are buried.

Fort Duffield Civil War Days is held in May.  For more information, call (502) 922-4574.

Fort Duffield Cemetery


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