This Shaker community was established by the Shakers in 1807 and closed in 1922. They kept journals of their activities and from these journals, we can catch a glimpse of the history of their daily lives, their belief in work and worship, their inventions and contributions, the birth of the seed industry, textile production and what it was like to live during that period of time. The Shaker Tavern, built in 1869 as a business venture for the South Union Shakers, housed a hotel for the "people of the world." The Shakers leased the building to an outside interest for one hundred dollars a month, leaving its management to the "world."

The Shaker Tavern is owned and operated by the Shaker Museum at South Union. It is located 1.25 miles west of the Shaker Museum at South Union on Highway 73 just off Hwy 68.

Reservation Information
The Shaker Tavern offers six guest rooms that share a common area on the second floor landing. Accommodations include full breakfast. Optional evening meals prepared by reservation. For reservations: (270) 542-6801
Toll free 1-800-929-8701

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