Other Comments from Hunters:

Dale Hergott, Independence KY – I think it would be great if you could give your tag to a family member in case of an emergency.  The best help I received was from Dan Crank, the biologist.  He was very helpful.  Cow – 400 lbs.

Craig Massey, Covington, KY – Basically all I paid for with the guide was the place to hunt and it was very crowded.  Very disappointed with location.  Bull – 650 lbs.

Paul Kreutzjans, North Vernon, IN – Needed more access to private lands.  It is hard for a nonresident to get access to land to hunt.  Don’t have any deer season in during the antlerless rifle hunt.  Good experience overall.   Bull Calf – 300-350 lbs. 

Dennis Edmonson, Dry Ridge, KY – The boundaries between the WMA’s and private property need to be mapped and or marked.    Bull – 900 lbs.

Ken Dzurenka, Sr., Canterbury, CT – It’s hard to beat.  Possible to contract refrigeration trucks to park in key areas – to quick chill animals before long rider to processor, at least during rifle seasons in warm weather. Bull – 1000 lbs.

Joshua Crabtree, Stanton, KY – more hunting time for youth.  Because of school, they don’t get a lot of hunting time.

Dale McClure, Mt. Vernon, KY – This was my first elk hunt, it was amazing to see such animals.   Cow – 300 lbs.