2006 & 2007 Elk Hunt

In January 2007, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) was awarded a grant from Southern & Eastern Kentucky Tourism Development Association (SEKTDA) and Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC).  A requirement of the grant was to conduct an economic impact study of the 2006 Elk Hunt in Kentucky. 

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation teamed up with Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources, Western Kentucky University and We Make Things Happen Corporation and developed a survey instrument which was sent to all 200 hundred hunters selected in the lottery to determine how many visits they made to Southeast Kentucky for the hunt, how much they spent, what they experienced and what could be done to improve the hunts in the future. 

This is a very preliminary review of the data compiled from questionnaires received the far.  A second survey is being mailed out by KDFWR  to each of the hunters who have yet to respond encouraging them to complete a questionnaire and send in.  

In 2006, 26,000 people paid ten dollars each to be a part of a lottery.  Two hundred hunters were selected to participate in the 2006 Fall Elk hunt.  In February, each of these hunters was sent a questionnaire.  103 hunters of the 200 hunters completed a survey.  Below is a breakdown of their responses.