Other Comments from Hunters:

Orval Brooks of Lucas, Kentucky - had a great hunt. I am so glad that I drew a tag this past year. I had been trying for 10-11 years to draw a tag and it was weell worth the wait. Your dept. was very helpful with the maerials and packages they sent, even to the people that checked my elk (Whayne Supply in Hazard). If I never get drawn again,m I will have to say I had a great tinme and I appreciate the job that KDFWR and RMEF has done with the program. I didn't join before because of family illness but I plan to in the future. Thanks again.

First time hunters need a place to check their animals and someone to record all the vital information requested.

Need more info easily available on where to hunt. Need help with hunting access on private and public lands esp. with Region/Unit 1. Suggest a hunt for disabled hunters similar to the one you did for the youth. Harvested a bull in Martin County. Approx. 900 lbs.

Leave the number at 1,000 permits. Need a private landowner list that allow hunting. It was a wonderful experience. Harvested in Bell County, approx. 600 lbs.

Hunt was a once in a lifetime experience. My son (10) and I will remember it forever. Harvested in Leslie County. Approx. 435 lbs. (Youth)

This was a great hunt. Harvested in Harlan County. Approx. 800 lbs.

You should plant elk in more counties! Harvested in Leslie County. Approx. 750 lbs.

Excellent hunt, we had a great time. Better maps would be helpful. Met many knowledgeable folks from RMEF and KDFWR. Harvested in Leslie County. Approx. 500-600 lbs.

List of private land owners available for hunting. Harvested in Perry County. Approx. 700 lbs.

Think the elk season needs to be set up similar to deer season to keep from being crowded. Harvested in Knott County. Approx. 700 lbs.

Need to separate the weeks by a week. Harvested in Knott County. Approx. 900 lbs.

Possible break between the first bull hunt and second hunt. Harvested in Knott County. Approx. 700 lbs.

Provide contact info of the other hunters drawn in the same area. Could help coordinate pre-hunt planning.

More game warden/biologist assistance in aquiring places to find elk. Harvested in Pike County. Approx. 800 lbs.

It was a trip of a lifetime! More accommodation info like campgrounds etc. Harvested in Knott County. Approx. 900 lbs.

I have really enjoyed hunting elk so close to home. Appreciate all the efforts made by all.

Reduce the bull elk permits. This will allow trophy bulls to thrive and can control the populations by more cow permits. The elk are here to stay so don't ruin the quality in an attempt to appease bull trophy hunters. Harvested in Floyd County. Approx. 600 lbs.

I think they are doing a great job. Harvested in Knott County. Approx. 900 lbs.

Great experience. Land owner tags are a valuable way to promote the resource. Havested in Leslie County. Approx. 750 lbs.

Extemely pleased with our experience. Harvested in Leslie County. Approx. 750 lbs.