Knott County Fiscal Court and community leaders hired a team to assist them in developing a Master Trail Plan for a countywide Adventure Tourism Park System, a part of a twelve county initiative called the sKYward Trails.

Click here to download the 34-page Master Plan (PDF format)

The Challenge: To develop a multi-use trail system (OTV, wildlife/elk viewing,
horseback riding) that:
1) Does NOT conflict with each other

2) Protects the environment

3) Increases rider safety with better maintained trails and training

4) Reduces liability for the local landowner

What is a Knott County Adventure Tourism Park System?
It is a series of unique trail systems being developed throughout Knott County. Each trail will be designed and located in strategic locations to compliment each other and not conflict. The system will include trails and horseback riding, ATV's and dirtbike trails, elk/wildlife viewing, hiking, walking and mountain biking, always keeping in mind three major priorities.

1) Safety
2) Protecting the Environment
3) Developing a multiple use trail system in which the trails that do not conflict.

Training Facility - Click here for the latest

Ride-A-Thon - Click here for information, photos and survey results.

Click here for the October '06 Press Release.

ULTIMATE VISION - to become the center staging area for the 12 county KY Mountain Trails Development Coalition.

Click here for Why Knott County is the best location.

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Throughout the process, the county worked with and will continue to work with entrepreneurs in the county to encourage investment in businesses that will both complement and help expand the initiative increasing the overall draw for visitors to come to Knott County which in the end, will bring new dollars to the county and much needed infrastructure and jobs.

The team working on this project are:
WMTH CORPORATION PO BOX 51153 BOWLING GREEN, KY 42102 PHONE (270) 781-6858 FAX 781-2949