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Ashland WMA
2,506 acres in Lee County
Off of KY 11 north of Beattyville. Almost entirely forested with extremely rugged, steep terrain and many high cliffs. Elevations range from 850 to 1,250 feet above sea level. Grouse, squirrel, furbearers, deer, turkey and songbirds. Hollow is surrounded by clifflines. Several man-made waterholes provide habitat for many reptiles and amphibians. No ATVs, camping, horseback riding or rock climbing is allowed in the WMA.
Jefferson National Forest
857 acres in Letcher & Pike Co.
Extremely steep and mountainous terrain. Camping allowed with permission.
Hensley-Pine Mountain WMA
4,849 acres in Letcher Co.
Mountainous and steep with narrow ridges and numerous rock outcroppings. Entirely forested in mostly hardwoods. Sightseeing, hiking allowed on designated trails.
Carr Creek Lake WMA
3,021 acres in Knott Co

Contact Info:
(606) 642-3308

20 miles east of Hazard on KY 15. Rough, mountainous terrain, mostly forested with big hardwoods and brushy areas. Camping allowed in corps maintained campgrounds. Fishing, boating allowed at Carr Creek Lake. Beaver, muskrate, ducks, geese and mink. Blue herons, belted kingfisher, wood duck and occasionally a bald eage. Cardinal, pileated woodpecker, indigo bunting, brown thrasher, grouse, quail, deer, bobcat, striped skunk and black bear.
Paul Van Booven WMA
2,293 acres in Breathitt Co
Located off KY 476 near Jackson. 2000 acres of reclaimed coal lands. Forested. Elk, quail, rabbits, deer, turkey and songbirds.
Robinson Forest WMA
12,304 acres in Breathitt, Knott & Perry Co.

Contact Info:
(800) 858-1549

Located east of Jackson and Clayhole.
Howard WMA
9,280 acres in Breathitt Co.

Contact Info:
(606) 435-6226

14 miles southwest of Salyersville.
Buckhorn Lake WMA
3,523 acres in Perry Co.

Contact Info:
(606) 398-7154

Mountainous terrain, primarily forested with some open land in the bottoms. Picnicking, swimming, boating facilities at Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park.
Redbird WMA
24,014 acres in Leslie & Clay Co.

Contact Info:
(606) 878-9595

7 miles west of Hyden. Hilly to steep with gentle slopes in bottomlands and on ridgetops. Mostly forested. Improved hiking trails. Deer, turkey, squirrel, raccoon, grouse. Migrant and nesting warblers are abundant along with other songbirds.
Burchell-Beech Creek WMA
1,218 acres in Clay Co.
Approx. 5 miles northeast of Manchester. Sloping hills, ridgetop flats, narrow valleys with hardwood forest. Some overgrown fields. Fishing in 34 acre Bert Combs Lake for trout, channel catfish, bass, crappie and bluegill.
Kentenia State Forest
4.075 acres in Harlan Co.
Mountainous, steep terrain with narrow ridgetops and rock outcroppings, completely forested in hardwoods. Sightseeing and hiking on Little Shepherd Trail.
Stone Mountain WMA & State Natural Area
1,019 acres in Harlan Co.
Steep, mountainous terrain, entirely forested. Squirrel, rabbits, deer, turkey and songbirds.
Cranks Creek WMA
2,161 acres in Harlan Co.
15 miles southeast of Harlan. Mountainous, extremely steep terrain with long, deep hollows, heavily forested with hardwoods. No Camping, Fishing in Herb Smith Lake with boat rentals. Picnicking at adjoining Stone Mountain - a scenic gorge. Unique wagon road tunnel at the top of Stone Mountain.
Martins Fork Lake WMA
1,147 acres in Harlan County
Mountainous terrain, forested in second growth hardwoods. Fishing, boating in Martin's Fork Lake. Grouse, squirrel, turkey, deer, elk, furbearers and raptors can be found here.
Martins Fork WMA & State Natural Area
1601 acres in Harlan Co.
Hunting is open under statewide seasons. Grouse, squirrel, turkey, deer, elk, furbearers and raptors can be found here.
Shillalah Creek WMA
2,575 acres in Bell & Harlan Co.
Mature forest, extremely rugged, steep terrain, many high cliffs. Fishing opportunities for brook trout. Turkey, deer, raccoon, squirrel and grouse can be found here and view migrant and nesting warblers in the spring and summer.
Begley WMA
20,300 acres in Bell, Harlan & Leslie Co.
Reclaimed surface mined areas and forested land. Active surface mine, deep mines and coal washing facility are off limits to the public. Cooperative arrangement between Begley Properties, LLC and Kentucky Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources.
Kentucky Ridge Forest WMA
3,512 acres in Bell Co.
4 miles west of Pineville. Mountainous terrain, primarily forested on reclaimed coal lands.
Kentucky Ridge State Forest
11,406 acres in Bell County

Contact Info:
(606) 337-9317

5 miles southwest of Pineville. Mountainous terrain, primarily forested. Recreational opportunities and lodging at Pine Mountain State Resort Park. Scenic overlooks in area.
Mill Creek WMA
13,009 acres in Jackson Co.
2 miles south of McKee. Hilly with steep slopes and long narrow ridge tops with flats only in bottoms and on tops of ridges. Mostly forested with several openings. Service trails open to ATVs. Wild turkey, white tailed deer, grouse and quail.
Daniel Boone National Forest
638,532 acres

Contact Info:
(859) 745-3100

From Tennessee line in McCreary Co. north to Fleming & Lewis Counties. Many US, State, and County roads lead into and across area. Forest roads, hiking trails. Mountainous with many sectinos quite steep and rugged but with some fairly flat river and creek bottoms and ridge tops. Migratory waterfowl, bald eagles, trout streams, small lakes throughout, several rivers over float fishing. Recreational areas offer camping, picnicking, hiking, horseback riding trails.
Cane Creek WMA
6,688 acres in Laurel Co.
15 miles west of London. Primarily hilly, steep terrain, mostly forested with only a few openings. Turkey, white tailed deer, grouse and quail. Spotted sandpipers, herons, wood ducks and woodpeckers live along the shoreline. Various species of salamanders live here also.
Beaver Creek WMA
17,753 acres in McCreary & Pulaski Co

Contact Info:
(606) 376-8083

1 mile north of Greenwood off US 27. Steep, mountainous terrain in mixed hardwoods. Opportunities for trout fishing and sightseeing. Turkey, white taile deer, grouse, quail and beaver. Some of Kentucky's rare species of bats are known to appear in and around Beaver Creek.
Dennis-Gray WMA
102 acres in Adair Co.

Contact Info:
(270) 465-5039

Borders Green River Lake.
Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area
30,301 acres in McCreary County

Contact Info:
(606) 376-5073

Extremely mountainous with steep cliffs, deep gorges. Camping, hiking, canoeing, fishing. 68 species of fish and 23 species of mussel have been documented in recent surveys. 160 species of birds have been recorded such as ruffed grouse, mourning dove, red-tailed hawk and turkey. Many warbler species are found here also. White-tailed deer, raccoon, bobcat, gray fox and gray squirrel can be seen here along with black bear that was reintroduced to the area.

Lake Cumberland WMA
53,525 acres in Pulaski, Russell, Wayne, & Clinton Co.

Contact Info:
(606) 376-8083

Fishing in many areas of the WMA. Gently sloping creek bottoms to steep ridges, hardwood forests, old farmlands, wildlife plantings, hiking, boating and birding.

Dale Hollow Lake WMA
5,655 acres in Cumberland & Clinton Co.

Contact Info:
(931) 243-3136

Gently rolling creek bottoms to steep ridges. Fishing, boating, camping, recreational facilities at Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park. Is a famous stop-over for migratory birds. Fish like it here too such as smallmouth bass. Deer, raccoons, turkey, foxes, otters, squirrels, waterfowl and bald eagles in the winter.

Mud Camp Creek WMA
572 acres in Cumberland Co.

Approx. 6 miles west of Burkesville. Terrain goes from steep, narrow forested ridges to narrow valleys.

R.F. Tarter WMA
1,171 acres in Adair & Russell Co.

Terrain is steep with broad, forested ridges and narrow valleys. Variety of songbirds and reptiles.

Green River Lake WMA
21,302 acres in Taylor & Adair Co.

Contact Info:
(270) 465-5039

10 miles south of Campbellsville. Gently rolling terrain with flat bottoms and ridge tops. Mixed hardwoods with cleared areas in agricultural crops and wildlife food plots. Camping in designated areas only.

Cedar Creek Lake WMA
1,590 acres in Lincoln Co

West of Crab Orchard on US 150. Boat launch ramps located east of dam. Surrounds the 784 acre Cedar Creek Lake. Consists of gently sloping hills around the lake. 400 acres are forested. Elevations range from 880 to 1,000 feet about sea level. Squirrel, rabbits and songbirds along with waterfowl.

Dix River WMA
401 acres in Lincoln Co.

10 miles from Stanford on Hwy 150. Flat bottomlands. Elevations range from 850 to 880 ft. above sea level. Squirrel, rabbits and songbirds as well as small game, turkey and deer.

Hidden Valley Training Center
551 acres in Powell Co.

West of Stanton. Mostly forested area with terrain ranging from gently sloping to moderately steep hillsides. No ATVs, camping or horseback riding.

Graham WMA
16,209 acres in Clay, Bell, Knox & Leslie Co.

Mature hardwoods on reclaimed coal lands. Deer, turkey, small game hunting. Elk.

Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park
3,391 acres in Cumberland & Clinton Co.

Contact Info:
(800) 858-1549

Quota Hunt only. Famous for migratory birds. Wild turkey, deer, raccoons, foxes, otters, squirrels, bald eagles.
Green River Lake State Park
1,337 acres in Taylor Co.

Contact Info:
(800) 858-1549

Quota hunt only.

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