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Lewis County WMA
1,201 acres in Lewis County

Contact Info:
(606) 686-3312

KY 8, 10 miles west of South Shore. Half of area is forested or shrublands and the other active croplands. Most bottomlands situated along Ohio River. Backwater flooding creates seasonal wetland areas. Open to wildlife watching, photography, fishing and hunting.
Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge
601 acres; 3,200 acres in several islands-2 in KY

Contact Info:
(304) 422-0752

Outdoor recreation during daylight hours. Access by boat, seasonal hunting on islands.
South Shore WMA
98 acres in Greenup Co.

Contact Info:
(606) 474-8535

Bottomland. 22 acres of seasonal wetland with the remainder being grassland and brushy trees. The shallow wetlands attract a wide variety of waterfowl such as wood and black ducks, pintails, mallards, Canadian geese, green-winged and blue-winged teal. Birdwatchers have spotted bald eagles, northern harriers, American bitterns, great egrets, common snipe, herons and shore birds. Blinds for wildlife viewing and photography.
Fleming WMA
1,907 acres in Fleming County

Contact Info:
(859) 289-8564

Oak-hickory woods, some cropland, woodland openings, fishing, hunting and hiking. Horseback riding trails.
Clay WMA
6,307 acres in Nicholas & Fleming Counties

Contact Info:
(859) 289-8564

8 miles northeast of Carlisle on KY 32. Steep to rolling terrain, woodlands. Hunting and fishing opportunities. Boat ramp on Licking River. Horseback riding trails on Nicholas tract only.
Pioneer Weapons WMA
8,030 acres in Bath & Menifee Counties

Contact Info:
(606) 745-3100

Almost completely forested with scattered openings. Rough terrain, some gently sloping areas on ridge tops/creekvalleys. Camping permitted. Hunting limited to crossbow and muzzle loading firearms only.
Tygarts State Forest
866 acres in Carter County
Hilly with sloping ridge tops, forest with hardwoods. Lodging, recreational facilities at Carter Caves State Resort Park.
Grayson Lake WMA
7,991 acres in Carter and Elliott Counties

Contact Info:
(606) 474-5815

Mostly hilly and steep terrain; upland areas and fairly flat creek bottoms. Forested with hardwoods. Hiking on 20 miles of marked trails.

Hunting, fishing, boating, birding on lake. Horseback riding trails, campground with water and electrical hookups at nearby Grayson Lake State Park. (606) 474-9727

Yatesville Lake WMA
13,078 acres in Lawrence County

Contact Info:
(606) 686-2412

15 miles south of I-64. Hilly, wooded terrain with broad bottoms. Hardwood forest with lots of wetlands. Hunting, fishing, boating, birding on lake. Hiking on marked trails.
Dewey Lake WMA
9,395 acres in Floyd County

Contact Info:
(606) 789-4521

Steep and rugged shoreline. Forested in hardwoods. Hunting, fishing, boating, birding on lake. Camping allowe only in corps maintained campgrounds. Lodging, recreational activities & camping available nearby at Jenny Wiley State Resort Park.
Paintsville Lake WMA
11,254 acres in Johnson & Morgan Counties

Contact Info:
(606) 297-6312

Rolling hills, mostly hardwood forest, some old fields, crop fields. Hunting, fishing, boating, birding on lake.
Fishtrap Lake WMA
13,079 acres in Pike County

Contact Info:
(606) 437-7496

Very steep, rough terrain with narrow ridges and valleys. Forested with hardwoods. Hunting, fishing, boating, birding on lake.
Greenbo Lake State Resort Park
3,491 acres in Greenup County

Contact Info:
(800) 858-1549

Quota hunt only. Deer, red fox, squirrel, eastern bluebird, downy woodpecker, wren, migrant and nesting warblers. Skunk, raccoon, mallard, Canadian geese, red-tailed hawk and barred owl.

Resort, campground, outdoor amphiteatre, hiking trail

Jenny Wiley State Resort Park
1,598 acres in Floyd County

Contact Info:
(800) 858-1549

Located in Prestonsburg. Quota hunt only. Features elk viewing and birding weekends. American Reds, nesting warblers. Deer, wild turkey, squirrels and raccoons.

State Park - lodge, disc golf, cottages, campgrounds

Twin Knobs Campground
686 acres in Rowan County
Beautiful mountains and a sparkling lake surround the Twin Knobs campground. In Daniel Boone National Forest.
Yatesville Lake State Park & Lawrence County Recreation Area
2,897 acres in Lawrence County

Contact Info:
(606) 673-1492

Quota hunt only - limited deer hunt. Cerulean, Kentucky and worm-eating warblers as well as grasshoper sparrows, purple martins. Red-headed woodpeckers and found near the dam. Woodcock, wild turkey, grouse, songbirds and birds of prey, dove and quail. Coyote, bobcat, deer, otter and other small mammals

Camping, boating, fishing, swimming, golf & marina.

Zilpo Campground
221 acres in Bath County
Wooded peninsula extending into Cave Run. In Daniel Boone National Forest. Hiking trails and restrooms for your convenience. Deer, foxes, turkey are common. Whippoorwills and owls. Sparrows, eastern bluebirds, osprey, eagles and hawks.

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