Marketing Plan for Adventure Tourism in Knott County (continued)

For the complete Knott County Marketing Plan in Adobe PDF format, click here.


During the months of July and August, meetings were held with members of the newly created Tourism Commission and representatives from each of the following entities offering visitors a tourism experience in Knott County:

Carr Creek State Park, Marina and Campgrounds

Knott County Saddle Club

Saddle Up Elk Tours

Knott County Trail Riders

Gingerbread Festival Event Planners

Carrie Community Center 

Sportsplex Manager

Representative with Alice Lloyd College in particularly planners for the annual Appalachian Day

Representatives from the Artisan Center, Hindman Settlement School, the Kentucky School of Crafts and the Marie Stewart Museum.

The elk guide from Jenny Wiley State Park also attended one of the meetings since many of the elk tours for the state park actually occur in Knott County and it was felt his input was important to the overall plan.     

Current known tourism offerings were listed, previous marketing materials compiled, dates of upcoming events and happenings noted and all previous research, visitation numbers, mailing lists etc. were reviewed. 

Existing marketing plans proved to be nonexistent for nearly all of the attractions.  Recent surveys were analyzed to determine current tourism base and the consultant began identifying potential new visitors and how best to reach these markets through multiple media sources such as radio, TV, billboards, publications and direct mailings, etc.  
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