Historic Hwy 51

This Month's Featured State. Click here for a pictorial tour of Kentucky.

Kentucky, having the least amount of miles of road through their state (51 miles on Hwy 51), happens to be the state with the most towns one passes through as well as being the state in the most strategic location. It falls right in the middle. Anyone going south or north must come through Kentucky. It is a wonderful place to be!

A few sites along the route through Kentucky includes wonderful courthouses and breathtaking views of the Mississippi River.

Two worthwhile stops are Columbus-Belmont Civil War site where the Confederates attempted to block the river with a huge chain and Wickliffe Mounds, a fascinating archeological dig, both owned and operated by Kentucky State Parks. There are a few B&B's, wonderful small town communities and delicious barbecue all along the way.

The Shepherd's Inn B & B in Arlington, KY
This area is also rich in animal life with seven wildlife management areas just minutes from the highway and some of the best birdwatching and hunting in the state.
Go to www.trailsrus.com for available information.

Barlow Wildlife Management Area
(Ballard Hunting Unit Wildlife Management Area
Ballard Wildlife Management Area
Winford Wildlife Management Area
Westvaco Wildlife Management Area
Obion Creek Wildlife Management Area
Reelfoot Lake Wildlife Management Area

- Click here for a pictorial tour of Kentucky's Hwy 51. Stop in the town of Hickman (which Mark Twain is said to have called "the prettiest town on the Mississippi") for a little geological history lesson about the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812 in which the Mississippi River actually flowed backwards, thus creating Reelfoot Lake. Nearby is the gravesite of infamous railroad hero Casey Jones who was born and buried in Cayce, Kentucky.

- Click here for a historical overview of places along the route by KET.

- Columbus-Belmont, click here.

- Wickliffe, click here.

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