Historic Hwy 51

Pictorial View of Historic Highway 51 in Kentucky.
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Crossing into Kentucky from Illinois - Wickliffe.

This is the bridge one crosses as one comes into Kentucky from the north from Cairo, Illinois.

Wickliffe Mounds State HIstoric Site.

Wickliffe Mounds was recently purchased from Murray State University and is now part of the Kentucky State Park system. Click here for more information about Wickliffe Mounds.

Wickliffe - "The Prince"

There are many historic markers along the route. This one tells the story of "The Prince of the French Explorers" It says: Commissioned by Louis XIV of France, the Sieur Robert of Salle sweeping down the Mississippi with his Flotilla of Canoes stopped in 1682 at this place in his quest for the mouth of the Mississippi and an outlet for the French fur trade. This river, called Ohio by the Iroquois and Quabache (Wabash) by the Algonquins, was proclaimed by LaSalle on April 9, 1682 to be the northern watershed of the new province of Louisiana of the French Colony Empire. Click here for more information on Robert of Salle.

Wickliffe - Ballard County Library.

This beautiful Methodist Church, built in XXXX was converted into the County Library in 19XX.

Wickliffe - Ballard County Courthouse.

Built in 1905 for $25,000. Click here for more information about the Ballard County courthouse. For other courthouse information in the area, click on Carlisle, Hickman and Fulton.

Wickliffe - Flower Shop.

There are some wonderful small shops located in many of the communities along the way. This is the Wickliffe Flower Shop located across from the Courthouse on the Square.

Wickliffe - Citizen's State Bank.

Citizen's State Bank Building was built in XXXX and has always served as a bank for the community. Two other worthwhile historic buildings to see in Wickliffe are the City Hall and Fire Station, both built in the late 1800's. For more information on historic sites, click here.

On your way to Bardwell - Fort Jefferson.

The fort and community of Clarksville were the first settlements sanctioned by the Virginia government to be located in the part of Virginia that is today western Kentucky.

Fort Jefferson (continued).

To find out more about the fort and the community built by George Rogers Clark (brother to the famous Clark of Lewis and Clark), click here.

Overlook from Fort Jefferson - River Traffic.

This photo of two barges passing was taken near the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers near Fort Jefferson.

Civil War along the route - Arlington.

This area is rich in Civil War history. For information on all Civil War sites throughout Kentucky, click here. One stop you shouldn't miss is Columbus-Belmont State Park. Click here for more information.

Harper's Country Ham - Clinton.

Clinton is home of Harper's Country Hams since 1952. Visit their website by clicking here and order some mouthwatering BBQ, ham, bacon, sausage and even Jumbo Quail! (Told you this was a premier area for bird hunting!)

Leaving Kentucky and entering Tennessee - Fulton.

Breathtaking sunset at the end of the day.

Morning mist along the countryside - Fulton.
Sunrise starting off the day - Fulton.

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