Legislation creating SRRA (Southwest Regional Recreation Authority)

The 2008 Virginia General Assembly “establishes an authority for Southwest Virginia to create a multi-purpose regional recreational area similar to, and potentially adjoining, such areas in West Virginia and Kentucky. The recreational area might consist of various trails and other amenities on private open-space lands where members of the public could, for example, hunt, fish, boat, camp, ride motorcycles or all-terrain vehicles, ride mountain bikes, or ride horses. The Southwest Regional Recreation Authority would have various powers to manage the area by raising funds, employing staff, and adopting rules punishable by civil penalties. Landowners participating in the recreation area would be afforded a limited liability for persons engaging in recreational activities on their property.”

Legislation in its entirety can be found in Chapter 648, Section 15.2 6016-6025 of the Virginia Code. 
Click here for PDF version. Click here for 2009 revision.

In 2009, SRRA received funding from the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Revitalization Commission, the Motorcycle Industry Council to conduct a comprehensive study which was completed in September 2009.   
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