Comprehensive Plan for Spearhead Trails Initiative

In April 2009, through grants from the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Revitalization Commission and the Motorcycle Industry Council/Specialty Vehicle Institute of America, the Southwest Regional Recreation Authority (SRRA) hired "We Make Things Happen" (WMTH) Corporation to develop a comprehensive plan for the Spearhead Trails initiative.

Summit Engineering developed maps and provided assistance.

A study overview can be seen by clicking here.

Below is the study in its entirety (pdf format). To order a CD copy of the final report that includes all five (5) volumes, please send a check or money order for $3 to cover shipping and handling to: WMTH Corporation, Attention: Spearhead Trails Report CD, P.O. Box 51153, Bowling Green, KY 42102.

Volume 2: Economic Impact, Success Stories and Opportunities

This volume contains an overview and findings on off-road vehicles, biking, birding & wildlife viewing, blueways, equestrian, long distance linear trails and themed driving tours.

Volume 3: County Site Visits

This volume contains a "visitor's view" of the many offerings in each of the counties plus recommendations

Volume 4: Inventory of Current Tourism Offerings

This volume contains in its entirety a website that was created in an effort to inventory and promote current tourism offerings within the Spearhead Trailhead region.

Volume 5: Inventory of Existing and Potential Trails

This volume provides an inventory of all existing and proposed trails. Also included are maps of many of the trails.

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