2009 Southwest Virginia Final Report

Volume 1: Comprehensive Plan

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Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Creating a Destination
Chapter 2: Challenges and Strengths
Chapter 3: Funding "Makes It Happen"
Chapter 4: Overview of Recommendations for SRRA
Chapter 5: Purpose, Goals, Objectives and Strategies
Chapter 6: Policy and Procedure Recommendations
Chapter 7: Maintenance of the Trails
Chapter 8: Risk Management

Appendix A: Legislative Code Creating SRRA
Appendix B: The Health of Southwest Virginia
Appendix C: Mountainview ATV Club Rules Form
Appendix D: Samples of Land Use Agreements
Appendix E: Operations Budget
Appendix F: Analysis of Counties
Appendix G: Examples of Ordinances
Appendix H: Buchanan County Legislation of ATVs on Road
Appendix I: Liability Protection for Landowners
Appendix J: License for Inspections and Mapping
Appendix K: Construction Costs for ATV Trails
Appendix L: Abandoned Railroads
Appendix M: Large Property Owner Maps

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