Follow the trails of Morgan's Raiders through Kentucky . . . 1862 - 1863
Travel the trails of Morgan and his Raiders across Kentucky and discover the history behind all the stories. Retrace his steps as he embarked on three of his most
famous raids.

Over 60 wayside exhibits are strategically located along the trail to help the traveler recreate and interpret the historic routes taken by one of Kentucky's famed
Civil War generals.

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Morgan's First Raid, July 1862
See where Morgan crossed the Cumberland River and began a 24-day journey across Kentucky capturing 17 towns and paroling nearly 1,200 Union troops. An exasperated Abraham Lincoln told his advisors: "They are having a stampede in Kentucky. Please look to it!"
Morgan's Christmas Raid, 1862 - 1863
The goal of this raid was to destroy the Union supply line that ran via the L&N Railroad through Kentucky to Nashville. Follow the Raiders through Kentucky where they fought several battles before and after successfully completing their mission.
The Great Raid, 1863
Confederate General John Hunt Morgan's Great Raid into Kentucky, Indiana & Ohio began in Cumberland County, Kentucky ending in Ohio nine miles short of the Pennsylvania line. The 24-day raid covered 1,000 miles making it the longest Confederate raid of the Civil War.
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This heritage trail project was launched by Congressman Ron Lewis and Campbellsville University as part of the Kentucky Heartland Civil War Commission as well as part of a 4 State Initiative.

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