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A special project is underway in Calhoun to mark the grave sites of 140 Union Soldiers who were buried at Camp Calhoun Cemetery. The cemetery is located just 1 block north of a private residence that was once the headquarters of Maj. General Thomas L. Crittenden. Crittenden's Army of the Ohio with a size of somewhat between 12,000 and 20,000 had a major impact at both the Battle at Fort Donelson and was in a major skirmish just prior to the Battle of Perryville that may have played a major role in the outcome of that particular battle. For more on this subject, see the research document by Bill Mulligan, a Civil War historian from Murray State University or take the Battle of Sacramento Driving Tour or the McLean County Driving Tour. Mr. Mulligan also has further information on the McLean County Driving Tour - click here.

Click here for a special writing about the "Boys who did not leave Camp Calhoun," (PDF) By Don Wilson.
Click here for a special writing about the "Boys of Camp Calhoun," (pdf) by Don Wilson.

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Antioch Presbyterian Church Cemetery
located on Hwy 140 between Hwy 136 and the River Road about 5 miles west of Calhoun. Copied 6/3/97 by Elizabeth S. Cox (McLean Co. Cemeteries. Vol. 1, page 58).

GPS: -87.336; 37.59504

John Calhoon Family Graveyard
located in Calhoun on north side of First Street on the hill overlooking Green River near the locks and dam. Copied by Kathryn Leachman and Michael Edgeworth, no date given (before 1977). (McLean Cemeteries Vol. 1, page 37). GPS: -87.2637; 37.53513
Calhoun Cemetery (Founding Fathers)
located in Calhoun. Regulated.
GPS: -87.2597; 37.55139
Denhardt - Hardin Cemetery
located on the Naomi Denhardt Howell farm on a hill just north of the old Hardin Schoolhouse on the River Road about 4 miles west of Calhoun. Copied by Elizabeth S. Cox, no date given (before 1977). (McLean Cemeteries Vol. 1 page 39).
Donohoo Cemetery
(listed as unnamed in book) located south of Worthington Chapel United Methodist Church, turn left at first road west of church to its end and walk across field and creek, up a hill on left, cemetery is in a Cedar break. Copied April 18, 1976. (McLean Cemeteries Vol. 1 page 49).
GPS: -87.218; 37.42717
Same Cemetery as Above
(Kentucky Family Records Vol 21, page 8 and Vol 19 page 22).
Fenwick Cemetery
on a remote hilltop about one mile southeast of the Will Cline dwelling place. The location of the graves was marked by four cedar trees, one on each corner. In 1982, a concrete marker made by Roy Jewell was placed in the center of the plot, and a sign which reads "Cemetery" was nailed to one of the cedar trees. In 1982, a petroleum company made a passabel road within a few feet of the graves. (George Cline Family History, Open Cline Crabb)
Free Union Cemetery
located on Hwy 254 near Sacramento. Copied 1977 by Mrs. J. C. Hill (McLean Cemeteries Vol. 1, Page 84).

GPS: -87.2742; 37.42167

Humphrey Cemetery
located on farm that belonged to Ike Eaton, south of Island. Copied by Mrs. J.C. Hill (Before 1977). (McLean Cemeteries Vol. 2 page 20)
Humphrey Cemetery
located near Tichenor Hill about 4 miles west of Calhoun. Copied 1960 by Elizabeth Cox. (McLean Cemeteries Vol. 1, page 36)
Karnes Family Cemetery
located one half mile north west of Buttonsberry on Route 891. The farm Southwest of the cemetery is owned (1994) by Jim Bickett. (Kentucky Family Records, Vol. 18, page 41).
Miller Family Graveyard
located about 1/2 mile west of Guffie on the old Dr. Wm. Miller farm. Copied in 1960 by Elizabeth S. Cox (before 1977). (McLean Cemeteries Vo. 1 page 53).
John Moseley Family Graveyard
located on west side of Hwy 81 about 1 mile south of Glenville. Copied by Elizabeth Cox (before 1977). (McLean Cemeteries Vol. 1, page 39). In March, 1990, the cemetery was recopied by Virginia Davis. (Kentucky Family Records, Vol. 15, pg. 61).
Old Buck Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
located west of the community of Nuckols, at first crossroad. Cemetery is south on the hill. Copied November 1975 by Holly Leftwich. (McLean Cemeteries Vol. 1, page 27). GPS: -87.1285; 37.52416
Plain Cemetery
located in the same field as Everly Cemetery but further up the hill. On the old H.K. Kirtley farm, 1/2 mile east of Island, left of Hwy 85. Copied by Mrs. J. C. Hill (before 1977). (McLean Cemeteries Vol. 1 page 50).
Sacramento Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery
located at Sacramento. Copied by Mrs. J.C. Hill (before 1977). (McLean Cemeteries Vol. 1, pg 67)
Sacramento Methodist Church Cemetery
located in town of Sacramento. Copied by Mrs. J.C. Hill (before 1977). (McLean Cemeteries Vol. 1, pg 76)

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