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Great News about Fort Heiman!

October 17, 2006: Since the Vicksburg Campaign meeting in Murray on May 29th, 2002, great things have happened! Fort Heiman has received $600,000 from a TEA-21 grant, $75,000 from a Land & Water grant, KHLCFB grant for $75,000 plus $30,000 for appraisal and other costs and a second grant from KHLCFP for $262,000 for land acquisition. With these funds over 95% of the land was purchased and due to the passing of SB 524, will become a part of the National Park System with the transfer of the deed on October 30, 2006..
(For more on the Legislation that has made this all possible, click here.)

Thank you to Congressman Whitfield, Senator Bunning, former Commissioner Lassiter, former Senator Bob Jackson, former Representative Buddy Buckingham, Judge Elkins and former Mayor Curd and others who have helped make this happen.

A special Thank You to Sandy Forrest for all the hard work and dedication to the project. Thank you to each and every one of the landowners who have graciously allowed us to purchase their property so that it may be preserved for future generations by becoming a part of the National Park System.

The National Park Service will operate the site as an extension of Fort Donelson National Battlefield based in Dover, Tennessee.

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