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Important Dates during the Civil War
Involving the Three Forts

May 10, 1861
Anderson leaves Nashville. Selects Donelson and site for Henry at Standing Rock Creek. Care was taken to determine high water levels.
Harris sent Donelson. Donelson recommends moving Henry.
May 28, 1861
Bushrod Johnson agrees with Donelson on Henry location
June 14, 1861
Heiman in command of 10th TN at Henry
July 12, 1861
First shot fired from 32nd pdr at Henry.
Captain Jesse Taylor sent to train Henry Artillery. Noted and reported high water marks and potential flooding problems.
September 18, 1861
Henry had 6-32 pdr, 2-12 pdr, 1-6 pdr, 850 in 10th TN, 50 Taylor Battery
Donelson 2-32 pdr carronades
November 3, 1861
Donelson 4-32 pdr, 2-32 pdr carronades
November 7, 1861
Grant attacks Belmont
November 17, 1861
Tilghman in command
December 2, 1861
Johnston stated that work crews from AL and MS to be used on work opposite Henry
December 4, 1861
Entrenching tools for Heiman
January, 1862
Tilghman reported 2,000 unarmed men

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