Whitewater in Kentucky
UPDATE 10/13/08
It has been a while since we corresponded and we wanted to update you on some exciting news! The Commissioners for the City of Bowling Green are voting on a TIFF to fund some major new developments downtown. The whitewater park and about four other projects are being considered to be included in the plan. We want the whitewater park to be included.

Below is a letter that was in the Park City News this week requesting support for the park and the positive economic impact it will have on the area. If you feel the same, please contact Mayor Elaine Walker and the City Commissioners and let them know. Their contact information can be found at http://www.bgky.org/citycommission/index.php

IMMEDIATE ACTION TO TAKE: Contact your City Councilmen and the Mayor. Their email addresses are below. Let's make it part of the Tiff!






And do copy us on those letters so we may add them to the website. Thanks for your help on this. Together, WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN!


Awesome news....will affirm our support to the proper contacts. Looks like I'll be heading to BG quite often in the future. Will pass this along to the Viking Canoe Club I belong to in Louisville. I also understand the city of Bardstown has taken some baby steps in realizing their WW park. Simply encouraging news! Thanks for the update...am driving 5 hours to go paddling in Wva.

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As a former resident of Bowling Green/WKU Alum, an athlete, and a local business owner I am elated to hear about the possibility of seeing the white water park come to life. I have the greatest confidence that the park would become a well used attraction for Bowling Green. When I think of the White Water Park and the usage I think of the skate boarding park that was recently built and its popularity. There is a strong community of kayakers and canoeist in this area and an even bigger community outside our area within reasonable driving distance, plus all the new people that will take up the sport just because it’s there.

As the newer generations take there places in this world the decision to pursue this project will be viewed upon in a higher and higher regard. This type of opportunity exists in only a few locations. A city, a river, and white water recreation all in one spot is not something you see every day.

Respectfully, Eric Ingram
Ingram Brothers LLC
Morgantown, KY

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