McLean County Recreation Survey Results:
In the summer of 2006, We Make Things Happen (WMTH) Corporation was hired by DLZ Engineering to assist in developing a master plan for a 218 acre park called Myer Creek jointly owned and maintained by McLean County and the City of Calhoun in McLean County Kentucky.

A preliminary meeting was held by the Judge Executive of McLean County at the Green River Area Development District
(GRADD) in which representatives from the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources, Owensboro Recreational Board, U.S. Corps of Engineers, DLZ Engineering, WMTH Corporation and members of Kentucky Recreation and Parks Society (KRPS), Kentucky's newly created Kentucky Recreational Trails Authority (KRTA), as well as cartographers from GRADD all attended.
Maps of Myer Creek Park were developed by the UK Extension Agent for McLean County and GRADD cartographers and
distributed to those in attendance. The purpose of this meeting was to inform each of the organizations and groups of the
initiative and to ask for their expertise and assistance in developing the master plan.

Three charettes were held over a 30-day period in which the public was invited to attend. Invitations were posted throughout the county, e-mailed to organizations who had expressed interest in the initiative and posted in the local newspaper. The Charettes were scheduled on September 21, October 3 and October 24th. Flyers were also distributed in both McLean County Middle and
High Schools.

The first charette, held in the Middle School Library, introduced the concept and encouraged people to share with the team of
DLZ and WMTH ideas they had for the 218 acres. A list was compiled by those in attendance. Tennis courts were listed as one of the priority needs yet the point was made that the high school had tennis courts that could meet the needs of the community if funds were made available to resurface them. It was decided that an inventory needed to be conducted of all recreational offerings throughout the county before recommendations for Myer Creek could be made.

Prior to the next charette, WMTH Corporation inventoried the recreational offerings throughout the county and UK Extension assisted in mapping each of these. The information was then posted on the website, click here.

A second charette was held at the McLean County High School two weeks later. Fifteen people were in attendance. At this meeting, an overview of the current offerings throughout the county was shared. Each person was provided a listing of 25 recreational offerings complied at the previous charette and asked to rank their choices by preference. Couples tended to fill out just one survey between the two of them. Eight completed questionnaires were turned in. The results are as follows:

The top ten choices placed fairgrounds as first priority, league size baseball fields and walking trails as second priorities and skateboard park as third.

TOP 10
Those who filled out a questionnaire tended to be either parents, public officials or concerned citizens but not students. At the meeting, it was determined that the students of McLean County needed to be polled.

The McLean County Board of Education was approached and gave permission for questionnaires to be distributed to all middle school and high school students. Prior to the next charette, nearly 500 students representing 14 communities completed questionnaires. The number of students represented from each of these communities* are listed below.

The students ranked baseball/softball fields as their #1 choice, 2nd choice - skateboard park and 3rd choice - walking trails as noted in the table below. (*42 students did not list the community in which they lived.)

Seventy students were from the 6th grade, seventy-three in the 7th grade, one hundred and ten in the 8th grade, seventy-two in the 9th grade, thirty-nine in the 10th grade, sixty one in the 11th grade and fifty-two in the twelfth grade. Twenty-one students did not note their grade.

The students ranked baseball/softball fields as their #1 choice. 2nd Place - Skateboard Park. 3rd Place - Walking Trails. (see below)

McLean County Students Ranked Their Preferences
*Please note: The survey asked for mailing addresses therefore a few cities listed may not be specifically the city in which the student resides. 42 students included neither city nor zip code.

The students were then asked to list their top three preferences that there were not listed on the survey.
Their top three responses were a swimming pool, ATV trails and basketball courts.

DLZ Engineering and WMTH Corporation are considering all of the above as the begain putting together a final master for the development of Myer Creek Park which will also include recommendations for improved recreational offerings throughout McLean County. Click here for more information on this initiative and to email us your preferences.
June 2007 Design Layout for Myer Creek (click on map below for PDF download)
Spring 2007
Click here to download a PDF version of the brochure.

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