In the Fall 2013, a team was selected by the state of Kentucky to conduct a feasibility study and develop a plan "to create a network of interconnecting hiking/bicycling/equestrian trails that connect Kingdom Come State Park to the Tri-Cities of Cumberland, Benham and Lynch" which, in the end, "will create additional jobs and stimulate economic growth and development through adventure tourism related opportunities".

The Team selected included Vaughn & Melton Consulting Engineers, Inc (V&M), Carol R. Johnson Associates, Inc (CRJA) – an award-winning landscape architectural design and environmental planning firm, We Make Things Happen Corporation (WMTH) – a DBE Economic Development firm that specializes in adventure tourism feasibility studies and creating public/private partnerships, and Managed Adventure Systems (MAS) who have a vast experience of both developing and rehabilitating hundreds of miles of trails plus a strong background in backwoods rescues. Over a six month period the Team worked together to develop the plan to not only connect the Tri-Cities to the State Park but also extends further to include additional communities in both Harlan and Letcher Counties. The study, in its entirety, is provided below.

All files are in PDF format. Click on each file to download.
  Table of Contents
Introduction Trail Town Potential
Chapter I Situation Analysis and Regional Context
Chapter II Creating Connecting Trails
Chapter III Trailheads and Wayfinding
Chapter IV Trail Design Standards, Specifications, Typicals, Permits & Cost Estimates
Chapter V Emergency Response Readiness
Chapter VI Existing and Potential Trails & Trailheads
Chapter VII Assets, Amenities and Unique Offering
Chapter VIII Economic Impact Potential
Appendix A Trail Class Matrix
Appendix B Trail Typicals
Appendix C Blueways Assessment
Appendix D Existing and Potential Trails in the Area
Appendix E Photo Tour of Little Shepherd Trail
Appendix F Potential Trailhead Sites
Appendix G Enterpreneurial Opportunities
Appendix H Railbanking
Appendix I Emergency Equipment
Appendix J Emergency Pre-Plan
Appendix K Property Owners
Appendix L Trail Events
  Cumberland River Walk Map
  Horse Trail Map
  Little Shepherd & Putney Connector Map
  Little Shepherd to Trail Map
  Motorcycle Trail Map
  Rails to Trails Map
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