Streams of the Western Coalfields Map

TRADEWATER RIVER: The Tradewater is a sterile stream rendered nearly devoid of life due to the mining industry.  It is, however, an intimate river that is pleasing to the eye and shaded by willow and hardwood.  It winds through rolling farm and mining country with camping near the stream possible at low water levels.

KY 70 to Ohio River (Hopkins Co, Webster Co, Union Co)

POND RIVER:  Although the water quality of this stream is not the best, it is scenic and navigable, with little debris or deadfalls.  Birch and willow trees overhang the water and camping spots near the water can be found at the edge of some of the farm fields that lie on the the river.

KY 70 to Green River (Hopkins Co)

PANTHER CREEK:  Although canoeable, this creek does not possess pleasing aesthetic qualities, resembling a dredged drainage ditch.  Access, however, is usually not difficult.

KY 81 to Green River (Daviess Co)

ROUGH RIVER:  This river belies its name, being extremely canoeable.   Rough River is typically high banked and shaded with willow and various hardwoods.   The most scenic sections are from the tailwater to Falls of the Rough, and from Falls of the rough to the KY 54 bridge.  Both of these sections sport some minor (Class I+) rapids, ripples, and shoals.

Rough River Dam to Dundee (Grayson Co, Breckinridge Co, Ohio Co)

Dundee to Green River (Ohio Co, McLean Co)

MUD RIVER:  This uninspiring stream with poor water quality runs primarily through hilly farmland and is well-vegetated and treelined. 

KY 949 to Rochester (Butler Co)

GREEN RIVER:  This long, 185-mile section of the Green River is runnable, but has numerous powerboats, barges, locks, and dams.  It is therefore less appealing to paddlers than the headwaters.

Brownsville Dam to Lock No. 3 at Skillsville (Edmondson Co, Butler Co, Warren Co, Muhlenberg Co)

Rochester to the mouth of the Pond River (Muhlenberg Co, Ohio Co, McLean Co.)

Mouth of Pond River to the Ohio River (Hopkins Co, Webster Co, McLean Co, Henderson Co, Daviess Co)

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