Streams of the Jackson Purchase Map

BAYOU DE CHIEN: The Bayou de Chien is beautiful, almost primeval little bayou that is canopied with willow and cypress.   Wildlife abounds in the most scenic section of the stream from KY 307 to KY 239.

KY 1283 to mouth (Hickman Co, Fulton Co)

OBION CREEK:  This creek is a dense tangle of cypress trees and deadfalls.  It is recommended only to those adventurous souls who don't mind paddling in a cloud of mosquitoes or portaging every 200 feet.  The creek itself is dense with scrub vegetation and almost completely overhung with trees, primarily willows.

US 51 to mouth (Hickman Co, Fulton Co)

MAYFIELD CREEK:  This creek is distinguished by the purity of its water and the abundance of wildlife along its banks.  Mayfield Creek is serenely enclosed by cypress, willow, and sycamore trees, and by thick scrub vegetation. 

East of Hickory to KY 121 (Graves Co, Carlisle Co)

CLARKS RIVER:  Wildlife, particularly beaver, raccoon, deer, and duck, abounds on this beautiful and engaging river.  If you cruise the river at night, beaver will follow your canoe slapping their tails on the water to scare you away.   Running through flat farm- and woodland (and through what, during the rainy season, is swamp), the river flows between steep mud banks crowded with cypress, sycamore, willow, maple, and scrub vegetation.  The stream is exceptionally winding and continually loops back on itself.  Oxbow lakes are common and are worth visiting to observe the wildlife.  On the east fork, especially, it is very easy to get lost when the river has overflowed the adjoing floodplain.  Current in the upper sections is unexpectedly swift for a low-gradient stream of Western Kentucky, but it halts abruptly about six miles upstream of the mouth where the backwater of the Tennessee River begins.

East Fork on Sharpe-Elva Rd to lmouth of Clarks River (Marshall Co, McCracken Co, Graves Co)

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