Headwaters of the Green River Map

THE GREEN RIVER: The Green River is one of Kentucky's largest, longest, and most navigable rivers. The upper section is not often paddled, but is very pleasant, running swiftly through farm land and along some steep, wooded hills. Most popular is the run from Munfordville to Houchins Ferry, which goes through Mammoth Cave National Park and features abundant wildlife, caves, and camping.

Liberty to Green River Lake (Casey Co, Adair Co)

Bend Road Boat Ramp to KY 88 bridge (Adair Co, Taylor Co, Green Co)

KY 88 bridge to Dennisons Ferry (Green Co, Hart Co)

Munfordville to Houchins Ferry (Hart Co, Edmonson Co)

BARREN RIVER: A "big" river, the Barren River is most suitable for paddling above Drakes Creek where the river averages 40 to 60 feet in width with islands suitable for camping. 

Dam to mouth of Drakes Creek (Barren Co, Allen Co, Warren Co)

Mouth of Drakes Creek to Green River (Butler Co, Warren Co)

DRAKES CREEK: Drakes Creek runs through deep, rolling farmland and wooded terrain, with some simple (Class I+) shoals and rapids and just enough riffles and current interspaced to keep the paddling interesting. 

KY 240 on Trammel Fork, and West Fork to Barren River (Warren Co)

GASPER RIVER:   The Gasper is one of Kentucky's most beautiful rivers, flowing around medium-sized boulders and through a small gorge with steep, exposed rock walls rising almost vertically from the river's edge.  The river sports a few interesting, small rapids and a fairly swift current.

Bucksville Road to Barren River (Logan Co, Warren Co)

LITTLE BARREN RIVER: Both forks of the Little Barren are intimate and scenic, running between steep hills over rock and mud bottoms.  The West Fork is the more interesting run with small rapids and ledges occuriing frequently.

South Fork, Beechville Ford; E. Fork, Mell-Cork Rd to Green River (Green River Co, Metcalfe Co)

NOLIN RIVER: The Nolin River is an attractive tree-lined river averaging 35 to 40 feet wide. Throughout the upper sections the terrain is gently rolling with farms adjoining the river.  South of Star Mills, the river valley deepens with steep hills rising from time to time along the west bank.

KY 1136 to Nolin River Lake (Hardin Co, Grayson Co, Hart Co)

Nolin River Lake to Green River (Edmonson Co)

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