Agritourism in Kentucky

Charles Francis & Kim Esala-Francis
6139 Russell Cave Road
Lexington, KY 40511
(859) 293-8377 | Fax 288-2709


Bluegrass Elk breeders and Velvet Producers. Elk breeding stock (elk as a livestock); elk boarding; whole velvet antler (frozen) or freeze-dried velvet antler in capsule form or loose by the pound; elk hard antler; elk meat; jacob sheep breeding stock, and/or meat/wool.
Elk Velvet is a health supplement for you, your pets and even your horse! Velvet is a fast growing, biological active tissue that research shows it can be beneficial for numerous ailments such as arthritis, stress, osteoporosis and cholesterol.


Expand to a complete handling facility building (upper and lower levels); build a small elk shop on the farm for product sales, nutrition products and misc related items. Would also like to have a visitor center for stop-in visitors and to improve entrance for visitors.