Creating a greater awareness and appreciation of Kentucky's rich agricultural heritage was the reason behind sponsoring the Agriculture Photo Competition, "Capture the Heartland of Kentucky," that ended on December 14, 2001. Judging took place on January 14, 2002.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture, the West Kentucky Corporation and Kentucky Farm Bureau invited all photographers, amateur and professional, to participate in the competition - and they all responded - approximately 700 entries were sent in! The competition photos will be featured in advertising media such as in print or web.

Photographs were of haystacks, corn fields, barns, tobacco, farm animals, farm kids and everything else related to agriculture/agri-tourism. We can really use all of these to show off Kentucky!

Subject matter had to involve agricultural scenes relating to the State of Kentucky. All subject matter had to be identified by either an address or location on a map of Kentucky.

Photos were submitted in sizes ranging from 3 x 5 to 8 x 10. There was no limit to number of entries and no entry fee, but an entry form had to accompany each photograph with the location identified.

First Place Winner, Jeff Botts, receives his prize

Second Place Winner, Doug Ball, receives his prize
Left to Right: Kelly Nally, KY Department of Agriculture; Sam Moore, President of KY Farm Bureau Federation; and Steve Zea, President, West Kentucky Corporation
Photo Booth at the Agriculture Reception in Frankfort

$1250 Awarded among

First Place - Second Place - Third Place Winners -
Official Winners were announced at an Agriculture Reception on January 29th in Frankfort

For Contest Winners, in these categories (click on category below):



Alan Baker, Retired, Photographer, Founder of Shutterbug Photo
Started Shutterbug Photo later expanded into the Ad Agency. Forner Owner of Bread & Bagel,
Baker Street Cafe, Cafe' on the Alley and the Parakeet Restaurant. Currently, repairs classic cameras
as a hobby and serves as occasional consultant to the staff at Shutterbug Photo.

Joe Imel, Photographer with Daily News Newspaper
11 years as Photo Editor w/Daily News; Sports Photographer of the Year (last year);
published in a number of publications including USA Today, Fortune Magazine and Kipler's Report
President of the National Press Photography Association which has 180 members across Kentucky;
teaches photo journalism at WKU and freelances

Kenneth Bowles, Photographer, Bowles Photographic
Mr. Bowles is also an Architect w/bachelor degree from University of Kentucky
Participated in galleries/shows in:
Atlanta/Fulton County Public Library Solo Exhibition
Georgia Games Art in Motion Exhibition
The Art Gallery at Sandy Springs, Festival exhibition
Cherokee Co. Visual Arts League Juried Competition - Honorable Mention: 2000
Etowah Art Gallery National Fine Arts Competition - Merit Award: 2000